We design durable street wear for demanding people looking for superior quality, unique designs, comfortable fits and easy to wear clothes. Once they are putting them on, they will immediately have the desire to wear them all the time. We know that best ourselves, as we try every product for months before having our customers enjoying FRANKY.

As a Swiss brand we have our Swiss values eventually defining everything we do. All our clothes are being produced from natural and sustainable material. We care about the environment, but as much about our small community of hard-working men and woman creating and producing our clothes.

If we design new street wear, we always have the imagination and the needs of our customers in mind. We produce what they wish – even if it is out of the norm. Our clothes are unique - as unique as the people who wear them. We always stretch those borders and try to stay innovative and progressive in design, material or production.

We simply want to offer best quality, great design and super comfortable, trendy clothes to people who share the same interest and values we have.


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